When we found out that Jessica Dickinson of Blake Acres is traveling across the pond with her daughter this summer, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to send them to the famed Liberty of London shop to pick out some beautiful fabric for a collaboration.

Free Babes Handmade X Blake Acres

Jessica and Elise are still on their great adventure overseas (and we really couldn't be more jealous of the fun they are having). They've got things like concerts at Buckingham Palace and Gifford's Circus on the horizon. If that's not inspiration to get outside for some activities with your kids, stat—we're not sure what is.

And the collection? Well, it's as enchanting and adventurous as the summer escapades that this mama and daughter duo is having abroad. 

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Jessica took some time to chat with us about the collection, motherhood, and her favorite Instagram accounts to follow (you know you're curious). Enjoy! 

What inspired the collection?

A summer of adventures in London wouldn't be complete without a special trip to the famed Liberty of London store, setting the stage for the Blake Acres x Free Babes collection. Liberty of London is home to those sought-after floral prints we've all come to adore. What fun we had choosing fabrics for the collection from the Haberdashery floor of our favorite London store!

Our travels have found us surrounded by enchanting English gardens and at the moment we're surrounded by color and scents from roses to irises and lavender. But perhaps my favorite sight this time of year are the summer vines which creep their way up building facades and trees, creating a romantic feel to a simple walk through the park. These pleasure grounds we've enjoyed have further inspired the collection for Blake Acres x Free Babes and we selected favorite summertime Liberty florals as the perfect compliment to a garden adventure.

Free Babes Handmade X Blake Acres

How would you style the collection on Elise?

I've always been drawn to neutral or pastel colors, which tend to pair together so easily, leaving little room for error when you're in a hurry or when Dad is in charge of dressing! Surprisingly about half of the girls' wardrobe is made up of vintage pieces. Many were mine as a child and my mother's amazing ability to get stains out of anything has provided us with a host of timeless frocks from the early '80s. But an outfit doesn't look complete without the perfect topper, which is why we've been wearing Free Babes bows since my eldest had enough hair to make it worthwhile. Our favorite quick hairdo is a part down the middle and two low "messy" buns on either side, finished with the perfect Free Babes schoolgirl bows to compliment the attire.

Elise picked out this beautiful fabric herself, and the sailor bow shows off the beautiful pattern and scale of this fun summertime print.

The Blake Acre Collection Liberty of London Sailor Bow

What are a few essential pieces in your girls' wardrobe?

When it comes to styling my girls, we have a few essentials that we just can't live without. Lightweight, breathable summertime socks by Falke. They won't bunch up under chic buckle shoes nor will they overheat little feet! A peter pan collar voile cotton shirt (in white!) which compliments nearly every playsuit on an occasional chilly summer's eve. Which brings us to another favorite wardrobe staple—the playsuit of course! We love the ease and simplicity of those by brands like Mabo and Soor Ploom and could live in these daily if given the choice.


Free Babes Handmade X Blake Acres

What adventures do you love to take your kids on?

Our affinity for the outdoors has taken us on adventures throughout gardens and beautiful palace grounds while we're busy exploring London and the english countryside. We love to soak up the culture of where ever we're visiting and tend to look for authentic experiences. We love visiting quaint museums and love partaking in unique celebrations like Beatrix Potter's 150th birthday, which happens to be next Thursday!

Free Babes Handmade X Blake Acres

What are a few of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

I have always admired @dancypantsdisco and love following Michelle and her growing family, her limitless creative spirit and her love for the natural world. For photo and wardrobe inspiration I turn to @lamblovesfox who has an amazing eye for style and shares our love of adventure.

Let's go twirling in the garden. // Free Babes Handmade X Blake Acres

What's your favorite part about motherhood?

I love watching the world through my daughters' eyes and sharing excitement for those things I've perhaps overlooked for some time. My eldest has a personality that is frighteningly similar to mine at her age. She feels deeply and shares so many of my passions. But what I love the most is to see the relationship build between siblings, something I didn't have growing up but am now so fortunate to experience through their admirations for one another. 

The moments of motherhood // Free Babes Handmade X Blake Acres

I hope you love this beautiful Liberty of London print as much as I do. Now I'm off to pretend I'm having tea with Beatrix Potter and friends with my daughters. Jessica has inspired me, hasn't she done the same to you?

Be Brave, Hillary

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