The recent launch of our 70s-inspired florals and vintage yellow Swiss dot bows left me with retro everything on the brain, so naturally, my mind went to the sort of classic adventures I could recreate for my littles. I figured I'd round up a few of my favorite retro-inspired summer activities for kids—because couldn't we all use a little inspiration to get outside? The answer is yes. Bring on the vintage. 


1. Embrace a bike (and baby's) day out. 

5 Retro-Inspired Summer Activities for Kids Lucky Penny Blog

When I think about what it might've been like to grow up in the 60s or 70s, I always imagine a group of kids riding down the center of a suburban street on their bikes and trikes, handlebar streamers whipping in the wind. Why not join them? Spend a day visiting neighbors, bouncing between playgrounds, you name it. Make sure, though, that you end it with a great picnic at the park (popsicles optional but highly desired).

And P.S., you can check out Ana from Lucky Penny Blog biking around Brooklyn with her daughter right here for some real time inspiration! 


2. Make DIY swimming caps (then wear them to the beach or pool...obviously). 

Retro-inspired floral swimming caps Milk Magazine 

As I was looking for retro inspiration, I stumbled across this fashion shoot from Milk Magazine and two things happened: 1. I fell in love with the vintage floral caps and 2. I found myself thinking: those wouldn't be that hard to make! All you need is some hot glue, a swim cap (Amazon, anyone?), and a bag of artificial flowers from your local craft store. Let your little pick out her favorite blooms, then arrange them just so. After you're done, head straight for the pool.

(For those of you who want some detailed instructions, I found this post with more info!)


3. Remember how fun flying kites was? 

Retro-Inspired Summer Activities for Kids

I don't remember the last time I saw a kite in the sky, and honestly, that's a shame. Isn't it about time we spend time running through fields again? You can actually find kites at places like Target (or go wild and make your own), then head for the best open area near your home—just make sure there's a nice gust of wind. Beaches, of course, are ideal for this.


4. Throw an ice cream social.

Retro-Inspired Summer Activities for KidsLeft: Inspired by This // Right: Pinterest 

I'm a big fan of ice cream, and really old fashioned sundaes are the best of the best. So why not make a party of it? Beat the heat with some cold treats and an afternoon with kids, friends, and family. Inspired by This has an amazing retro-inspired fancy ice cream party for kids over on their blog for some extra inspiration.


5. Bring back the summer lawn games.

Retro-Inspired Summer Activities for KidsAt Home In Love

I love playing outside with my kids (as you may already know, we LOVE to go hiking all summer). But as I was thinking of retro-inspired activities, I couldn't help but think of lawn games. Think: Horshoe, Ring Toss, and Cornhole. You don't have to take the kids very far—the backyard or local park will do—and you can even make DIY versions of your favorites. At Home In Love has a great post with tips on how to create the games from scratch.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Let's all enjoy it like those bygone days of our own childhoods.  

Be Brave, Hillary  

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