There are beautiful clothes made all over the world—but there is something to be said for the shops who make it part of their mission to produce their clothing here in the United States.

Have you ever thought about what it actually means to "buy local"? One of my priorities with Free Babes has always been to employ local seamstresses—most of whom are mamas just like you, trying to support their families. 

When choosing clothes for my little girls, I try to buy exclusively from shops that make the effort to produce their clothing in the United States. It may mean spending a little more, but it's worth it. Kids clothes that look good and also make you feel good. The perfect excuse to buy your little girl something nice. 

Wolfe Child // Free Babes #ShopSmall Loves Photo: Wolfe Child 

Mabo Kids // Free Babes #ShopSmall LovesPhotos: Mabo Kids 

I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of my favorite dresses from American-made stores. The perfect way to outfit your adventurous little goes for the end of summer. Check out these from Mabo Kids, Alice and Ames, Soor Ploom, and Wolfe Child

American-Made Dresses for Adventurous Girls

Left (top to bottom): 1. Soor Ploom Edie Dress 2. Wolfe Child Park Dress 3. Soor Ploom Philomena Dress 4. Alice and Ames Sunday Dress 5. Mabo Kids Mila Halter Sundress

Right (top to bottom): 1. Alice and Ames Tank Ballet Dress 2. Mabo Kids Annie Ruffle Strap Pinafore 3. Mabo Kids Flora Dress in Denim 4. Mabo Kids Mary Wrap Pinafore 5. Wolfe Child Maxi Field Dress


Hope you love these dresses, mamas!

Be Brave, Hillary 

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