Introducing, Wunderkin Co.


I’m so excited to announce that today, Free Babes Handmade has become Wunderkin Co. After LOTS of thought, we have decided to make the switch to a new name that we feel embodies our brand and mission: 

Wunderkin Co. exists to produce hand-crafted, heirloom bows made with pride to embolden a child’s wunderment and join them on the adventure of becoming exactly who they were meant to be.



The new illustrations by Christian of @1924us were designed to model both of my little Free Babes, Adeline and Aria. The girl with pigtails is a portrait of her when she was barely three reminds me of our summer spent exploring fountains around the city, hiking and really connecting as Mama and daughter. I can't look at it without getting teary eyed, and I'm so grateful Christian captured so much of our company's story in a simple illustration. 



The illustration of Aria is also when she was three, and it boldly captures the essence of being free and spirited, the core of Wunderkin Co. I love that these two images are both capture the different facets of a little one's spirit. Aria has always been my fiery one.


Luke and Mallory Photography 


We have come a long way since I launchd Free Babes, now Wunderkin Co. from my kitchen table 3.5 years ago.  I never could have imagined how large and far-reaching our community would become! These images were from our very first Free Babes Handmade photoshoot at O'Fallon Park in Evergreen Colorado.
Since starting this business, my dream has always been that our bows will one day become a symbol all across the globe of the adventure-loving child, being raised by parents who want to nurture them in the journey of becoming exactly who they were created to be. Wunderkin Co. is the continuation of this vision. 


 The quote that inspired me from the beginning remains the guiding force for everything we do: "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Howard Thurman


Luke and Mallory Photography 


A "free babe" has come to stand for a little one with courage, tenacity and the self-confidence to forge their unique path through the world. This will always remain the core of Wunderkin Co. Free Babes Handmade's essence was adventure and whimsy, the seeds in which our new name will develop roots and grow. Wunderkin Co. is everything Free Babes has been, plus so much more.


 Luke and Mallory Photography 


We are excited to begin this journey with you. Thank you for your support along every twist and turn along the path of getting to where we are today! A huge thanks to my team as well, as without them, I wouldn't have the privilege of leading a company I love.


I can't wait to see how your little one's and their daily adventures continue to color and strengthen our community.

Be Brave,


Luke and Mallory Photography 



  • Marta mendez said:

    I don’t have I girl but I love your product and I been purchasing this product to give away to birthday girls

    March 01, 2021

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