Wunderkin Co. Spring 2017 Collection

Wunderkin Co. Spring 2017 Collection

February 26, 2017

Wunderkin Co. Spring 2017 Collection

Wunderkin Co. Spring 2017 Collection

For our inaugural collection as Wunderkin Co. (formerly Free Babes), we traveled all the way to Columbia River Gorge in Oregon to capture the spirit of adventure. Luke and Mallory Photography beautifully captured the essence of Wunderkin, while the melting snow and green moss served as the perfect spring-time background to our green, mustard and blue tones, and our German-inspired floral prints.



It is still my dream to see our bows as a symbol of the adventure-loving child, being raised by parents who want to nurture them in the journey of becoming exactly who they were created to be. As a mother, I want to raise my daughters and son from the start to become exactly the unique individual they were born to be. It's about nurturing that unbridled childhood spirit that knows exactly how to live.


"Mira" Sailor Bow, "Ocean" Pigtail Set, "Goldenrod" Schoolgirl Bow, "Freya" Sailor Bow. 


Our adorable looks were provided by some of my favorite children's clothing companies, Shop Arq, Soor Ploom, Mabo Kids, Gray Label and Carly Megan Shop. The knee socks are by Collegien and you can find select styles in the shop now! 


"Avocado" Pigtail Set 


"Duck Egg" Oversized Schoolgirl  


"Duck Egg" Overszied Schoolgirl Bow,    "Ocean" Pigtail Set


Liberty of London 

Of course we couldn't release a spring collection without a selection of Liberty of London florals. We loved our holiday velvets and bold fall tones, but there is something so classic about that florals we've been making since the beginning of Wunderkin Co. (Free Babes Handmade)  


     "Mira" Sailor and Mini Sailor Bow      

Liberty of London Sailor Bows

                                             "Bee" Sailor Bow.                                                 


Seeing Purple 

One of my favorite things about owning a company is building relationships with customers and mamas like me.  Like they say, "it's hard raising tiny humans," and we all have this journey in common.  I value your opinions so much, which is why you'll see a lot of purple in this spring collection. An overwhelming amount of the Wunderkin Co. audience agreed that this was the color they'd like to see more of. 


(Clockwise from top right) "Freya" Sailor Bow, "Pauline" Mini Sailor Bow"Wisteria" Pigtail Set, "Avocado" Pigtail Set, "Bee" Mini Sailor, "Flower" Pigtail Set, "Duck Egg" Oversized Schoolgirl. 


"Dusty Lilac" Schoolgirl Bow,     "Ruthie" Mini Sailor Bow,     "Flower" Schoolgirl Bow 

"Ruthie" Mini Sailor Bow and Sailor Bow



Oh Baby

 As always, this spring collection features a wide selection of bows for the smallest of wunderkindreds. I loved the mama and baby shots from our shoot by Luke and Mallory photography. All of the baby-wearing wraps you see are from Wildbird. If you're new to Wunderkin Co., all or our headband bows feature a super soft elastics made to fit your little one's head securely yet comfortably. 


"Glass" Schoolgirl Headband 


"Goldenrod" Schoolgirl Headband,   "Dew" Schoolgirl Headband


"Tusk" Schoolgirl Headband 


Wunderkin Co. 

Just last week we announced our new name change from Free Babes Handmade to Wunderkin Co. I am so proud that this spring collection is the first that will will be represent the new name. I hope that the Wunderkin brand inspires wonder, adventure, courage. The passion of your child stepping into the world, the bond you as a parent have with your child; I hope you feel a sense that we are all in this together to this epic adventure called life. I hope you love this collection. 

Be Brave


"Mira" Sailor Bow and "Dew" Pigtail Set 


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