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Hot pink and polka dot tulle is a bit of a departure for our adventure-seeking bow brand, but we like to get festive on a holiday like Valentine's day. Take a look at our 2019 Valentine's Capsule of magenta velvet, dupioni silk and pink tulle for a mother-daughter adventure on LOVE day! 


"Babe" Mini Pinwheel Pigtail Set


"Babe" Oversized Pinwheel 


"Doll" Oversized Pinwheel  

"Doll" Oversized Pinwheel  


"Doll," "Babe" and "Petite Chou" Oversized Pinwheels 


"Darling Dot" Mini Pinwheel Pigtail Set


"Sweetheart" Velvets


"Doll" Oversized Pinwheel 


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