This collection launches January 10th at 10am Mountain Time. 
We know it's officially the new year at Wunderkin when we revamp our Classics Collection! What's a "Classics Collection"? It's a curated selection of bows that we feel is PERFECT for year-round adventuring. This year we've brought back some of our favorite bows from the past, produced new variants in popular Wunderkin fabrics and introduced a few never before released styles! These bows will be offered on a regular basis all year long. Take a look at what's in store!  


Thanks to some of our favorite Instagram mamas we were able to capture this collection in a way that features truly authentic everyday moments. We hope these bows join you and your little free spirit in a similar way. 



"Piney River Pink" Oversized Pinwheel // Photo by April Bondi 


"Maple" Oversized Schoolgirl //  Photo by Susan Brathen


"Piney River Pink" Thick Retro Knot // Photo By Leah Hazley


"Antique Pink" Oversized Pinwheel // Photo by Megan Beddes


"Honeysuckle Oversized Pinwheel" // Photo by Sheila Madrigal 


"Piney River Pink" Oversized Schoolgirl // Photo by Cindy Nguyen


 "Rebecca" Thick Retro Knot // Photo by Sheila Madrigal 


"Rebecca" Petite Pigtail Set // Photo by Leah Hazley


"Telluride" Petal // Photo By Leah Hazley 


"Chambray" Petite Schoolgirl // Photo by Belinda Love


"Rebecca" Oversized Pinwheel // Photo by Susan Brathen


"Honeysuckle" Thick Retro Knot // Photo by Katilin Harris 




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