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Photos taken by Luke and Mallory Photography  


New Orleans might be the most interesting city in the United States. We love the mix of charm, history and dash of grittiness. It's a lot like how we are raising our girls.  To be kind and to have manners, but to be tenacious enough to climb a tree and get dirty once in a while. 


Each bow in this collection was inspired by experiences in New Orleans.  We drew inspiration from the deep and mossy greens during our swamp tour, and then also played on the bright and fun colors that decorated the historic homes in the Garden District.  The result is a collection of spring hues that nod to the feeling of visiting Louisiana, and all the vibrancy of the architecture, landscape, music and culture. Oh, and beignets. Lots of beignets. 



Interested in the looks seen throughout our photoshoot? Download our free PDF here! 



Bow // Dress


Bow (left) // Bow (right) 


Bows // Boots // Dress // Socks 



Bows // Dress




Dress // Sweater // Bow



Dress // Bow  



Bow // Jeans



Bow // Onesie



Romper // Bow 




(left) Dress and Pigtails // Dress and Pigtails (right) 










Bow // Romper



Headband // Romper // Sandals


Romper // Sandals // Pigtails


We hope you are inspired by all of the inspiration New Orleans has to offer, and if you haven't visited, that one of these bows can bring a little New Orleans into your spring adventures.  We know once you visit, it will remain a part of you forever, just like it has for us.



    This is an awesome photo shoot with all of those beautiful children. I Love it!!

    March 07, 2019

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