"Bubblegum" velvet is back! Ever since the release of these vibrant bows with our Jessica Garvin capsule, this has been the most requested Wunderkin Co. bow since 2017! We are so excited for it's comeback, especially since it's joined by our super fun new "Leopard" velvet. 


Thanks to our favorite Instagram influencers for sharing your daily adventures of your littles in our new "Sweet and Spicy" capsule. We hope you love these  fun bows as much as we do!! 


 Photo by @zooeyinthecity


Photo by @elexisbronson 


 Photo by @shadikay

 Photo by @elexisbronson 



On the heels of our newly designed Wunderkin Co. scrunchies, we're excited to be offering them in both "Bubblegum" and "Leopard"! Our scrunchies are designed with both adults and littles in mind! 


Photo by @zoeeyinthecity


Photo by @karimjones




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