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Download the Luxe Velvets 2018 lookbook here!  

It might be too early for Christmas music and twinkling lights, but it's never too early for Wunderkin velvets!! Last year we released our velvets collection in mid-November, but this year we're bringing you 22 vibrant luxe velvet colors a full five weeks earlier. 



This year we stayed in our own Denver backyard to capture seven adventurous free spirits in our 2018 Luxe Velvets collection. Though it was a little chilly as the sun began to set over Lair o' the Bear park, the moody afternoon made for the perfect backdrop to our most recent photoshoot by the amazing Becky Kimball. 



"Ballet Slipper" Medium Schoolgirl


"Cassiopeia" Petal Pigtail Set



If you shopped Wunderkin's Velvet collection last year, you might notice a new design to our single clip, headbands and pigtail sets! Our new Petal velvets are the perfect combination of dainty and supple and work perfectly for the tiniest of newborns to the those bigger adventurers. 


"Sugarplum" Petal Bow


"Moonstone" Medium Schoolgirl


 "Gemstone" Oversized Schoolgirl


"Cassiopeia" Oversized Schoolgirl  

"Marzipan,"  "Parasol" and "Gemstone" Petal Bows


"Glacier" Medium Schoolgirl + "Polichinelle" Oversized Schoolgirl  



"Dew Drop" Oversized Schoolgirl  


"Gemstone" Oversized Schoolgirl + "Dew Drop" Petal Pigtail Set


Thank you for coming on this journey with us! We are so excited to share our new Velvets Collection with you and you love it as much as we do! 


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