A black cat is perhaps a bit superstitious, but it makes for a pretty cute Wunderkin bow! This capsule, releasing September 25th at 10am Mountain time features a custom-designed black cat pattern, tiny black and white dots, a vibrant orange grid print, and classic black and white stripes! 


Our Halloween collections are always a fun way to loosen up and not take ourselves too seriously, so we kept it simple in capturing the festive simplicity of these bows. Last year's Halloween Capsule featured and custom-designed print by Ampersand Design Studio, and we loved it so much that we created our own this year. Our creative summer intern, Emily Stotts, designed our new custom "Binx" print featuring a classic black cat available in an Oversized Pinwheel, Medium Pinwheel and Oversized Schoolgirl bow. 






"Spooky Capsule" Oversized Pinwheels



 "Beetlejuice" Oversized Pinwheel 


We're still over a month away, but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! We hope you love our newest collection. 


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