An Update From Our Founder - Wunderkin Co.

An Update From Our Founder

May 18, 2019

An Update From Our Founder

Dear Customers, Friends, Collaborators and Partners,

In our last letter in January, I promised an update on our initiatives we have taken at Wunderkin Co. to actively pursue a more diverse and inclusive company.  We have been working hard internally this year to make sure our core values of inclusivity, empowerment, courage and authenticity are effectively translating to our customers and partners.  It’s the highest priority for my team and myself that Wunderkin Co. continues to grow and become a place for all.

In January, we began contracting with a Diversity and Inclusivity consultant, and created our first diversity and inclusivity panel.  This panel consists of women of color, all with unique backgrounds relating to diversity and inclusion. We have been meeting once a month since February, via an hour-long google hangout call.  These calls have been such a wonderful platform that has helped expand the communication and lenses in which we roll out future product, collections and marketing campaigns. I’m very grateful for the time the panelists have taken from their busy lives as mothers and working professionals to lend their insights, ideas and feedback.

Some of the exciting and soon-to-be-launched ideas that have come out of the panel are:

  • The Brave Girls capsule will launch in June, and consists of bows inspired by women in history.  Each bow will come with a card that highlights the impact made by each woman, as a teachable moment between parent and children.  This capsule is incredibly important as we will be donating a portion of profits from this capsule to Girls, Inc. - a non-profit organization with the central goal of empowering and inspiring girls and young women.  Please check out the incredible stories about the impact of this non-profit at

  • The “Everyday Wunderkin” campaign will feature everyday customers and share their unique story.  We have been working on this behind the scenes to ensure we are executing it well, and you will see our first feature soon.

  • Internal bias tests through Harvard University’s “Project Implicit.”  Our whole team will be taking these and then we will conduct an internal workshop to talk through the results.  If you are interested in learning about your own potential biases, you can take the tests here.

Other actions we have taken:

  • We also recently sent product for the care packages for the organization  We believe in their mission of reconnecting families separated at the border.

  • We are excited to continue our partnership with Denver ACC as one of the sponsors of their yearly gala.  ACC’s mission is to help refugees create safe and sustainable lives in Denver.  We are happy to be a local business that partners with ACC to provide job opportunities at Wunderkin Co.

Other goals for this year:

  • Hire more diversity on our internal team.  We recognize creating a more diverse team starts with attracting and recruiting a more diverse pool of talent, so we have regrouped and expanded our recruitment strategy.

  • Utilize our social media presence to recognize and honor special days of the year (e.g. World Down Syndrome Day) and cultural celebrations (e.g. Chinese New Year, Passover, Diwali).  We hope that sharing these special days not only honors those customers and children, but also helps to educate our followers about all diversity that Wunderkin Co. embraces.

  • Be inclusive of children of different physical abilities in our photoshoots.  No explanation needed.  This is obvious and needs to happen more.

  • Gift more product to the everyday customers - not just the social media influencers.  We hear you! We want to showcase Wunderkin on all our children, not just those with curated Instagram feeds.

  • Incorporate more diversity within our shop collaborators, influencers and giveaway partners.  I look forward to broadening my relationships with other diverse businesses, but know that it will take a lot of trust to build these relationships moving forward.

  • Host a robust diversity and inclusivity training for my team with an expert.  Beyond learning about our own biases, I am eager to get my team into formal training to learn more about how we can continually keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our business strategy.

  • Continue to find photo shoot locations that are beautiful but more importantly have a diverse population of children that represents that location.  Our most recent spring collection was photographed in New Orleans.

We hope our transparency with these objectives clearly communicates our intentions at Wunderkin Co.  We are proud of the reflection and work we have done with our Diversity and Inclusivity panel of customers and we are excited for the future - however, we recognize that this is only the tip of the iceberg.   We will continue to share more as we develop and execute on these ideas. We want to make sure it’s clear that we are proactively building out the company we all believe Wunderkin Co. to be, because these are very real issues, and all of us want Wunderkin Co. to stand for good: to spread kindness, empower kids and for a bow to represent living an adventurous and bold life.  For me as a mother, the mission of Wunderkin Co. is not only about raising my three kids to be their truest selves, but also for me to live a life that is courageous and true to myself. As a leader, this sometimes means embracing vulnerability and sharing our journey.

Thank you for your patience and support.  Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more about our initiatives.  We would love to hear from you! You can email us at with any questions, feedback or ideas.  We would be happy to have conversations with anyone that is interested.

Thank you,


Founder + Creative Director

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