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My Story

I grew up in Southern Indiana, went to University of Arizona as a classical ballet major.  
Graduated from CCU as a Theology major.  Owned a grassroots carpet cleaning company
in Denver with my husband for five years.  Started a bow shop.

At age 28, I’ve finally figured out how to live from my “sweet spot” -
that place where your passions intersect your talents.
If you can harness your sweet spot and combine with some business knowledge,
you can make a living doing what you truly love.  

I run a blog [] where I interview other creative business owners
to share their successes and failures and give a peek into the lives of entrepreneurs I admire.
Besides business tips, we also discuss creativity and toddler fashion,
and explore what it looks like to live uncommon lives through entrepreneurship.  

My uncommon life?  I’m traveling the world with my husband and 3 kids in 2017 for 12 months.

I’m currently prepping for an E-Course release this fall, all about building a
creative business from the ground up - one that can support you and your family
so you can live an UNCOMMON life you truly love.  I hope you will join me!

I love connecting with creative entrepreneurs.  If you are interested in chatting
or would like to apply to be interviewed as part of the creative entrepreneur interview
series on the blog, you can reach me at

Be Brave,