Custom Unicorn Bow Process


Do you have a sentimental heirloom fabric you’d like made into a Wunderkin Co. bow? How about a specific fabric you’d like made into a bow for an upcoming event?


Welcome to our Unicorn Bow process: an opportunity for you to send us any fabric and have it made into a Wunderkin Co. bow variant. We refer to these custom bows as "Unicorn” bows because this process often results in the creation of amazingly unique bows that would never be found anywhere else!



There are a couple of things you need to know before purchasing a Unicorn Bow


1.) Our talented seamstresses can make bows out of almost any fabric. Some fabrics are more complicated than others, so to confirm that we can work with your desired fabric we ask that you email to connect with a designer who can consult with you. Some examples of complicated fabrics include noncontinuous pieces of clothing that must be disassembled, lace, silk, beaded fabric, fragile vintage fabric, and thicker than normal fabrics. 

2.) Customers are responsible for the cost of sending fabric to our headquarters. We encourage you to obtain tracking on your shipment as Wunderkin Co. is not responsible for fabric that does not arrive at our office. Please send your unicorn fabric to:
Wunderkin Co.
Attn: Unicorn Bow
4045 Pecos St. Suite 160
Denver, CO

3.) Depending on the bow variant you would like made, we will need the following minimum dimensions of fabric per bow

- For Petal, Petite Schoolgirl, Sailor, Mini Pinwheel, Medium Pinwheel or Medium Schoolgirl bow styles: 18 x 8 inches

- For Pigtail set, Oversized Pinwheel, Oversized Schoolgirl, Retro Knots, Bow Tie or Fable bow styles: 35 x 8 inches 

4.) Once fabric is received in office, customers will receive a confirmation email to confirm the details of their custom bow before going into production with one of our talented seamstresses.


5.) The turnaround time for a Unicorn Bow is two weeks from the time fabric is received in our office. Rushed speeds are available for a fee.


6.) Once Unicorn Bows are purchased, refunds and returns are not applicable. We are confident that with proper upfront communication, you will be thrilled with your custom bow.


7.) There is 30 day time limit on sending in fabric after the purchase of a Unicorn bow. Because of this, we ask that you refrain from purchasing a Unicorn bow until you have your choice of fabric in hand, and until you've consulted with one of our designers. 


8.) If you have any questions about our Unicorn Bow process, please email us at




I started making bows at my kitchen table in 2013. I had just become a mom, I wanted to make cute things for my girls. I didn't just want to throw ruffles and glitter at them (not there is anything wrong with glitter!). I wanted to create simple accessories that would be the backdrop for their daily adventures.

More importantly, I wanted the brand to be meaningful, and to encapsulate what motherhood meant to me. My vision is that Wunderkin Co. is synonymous with raising confident, brave and kind kids who boldly grow into the humans they were meant to be.