Bow of the Month Subscription


Bow of the Month (aka BOTM) is a monthly subscription where you will receive a mystery bow (or bows) at the beginning of each month. You will be able to request a specific bow variant (oversized pinwheel, schoolgirl pigtail set, etc.) and the subscription quantity, but the fabric will be a complete surprise! Your bow will come on a gold bow card and will be shipped in a gold mailer.

BOTM fabrics will be a bit different than what we offer in our shop! You can expect to receive special, vintage, or unique fabrics- still within the Wunderkin aesthetic. Customers are charged on the 2nd of every month for the following month’s bow and are given until the first day of each month to make edits to their next month’s subscription! For example, you will be charged on March 2nd for your April bow and your bow will be shipped by the first week of April.

Due to our handmade production abilities, we are limited to the number of subscriptions we can offer. We are planning to offer unlimited access to our subscription on a regular basis in the near future.



Q: When am I charged each month for my subscription?
A: Subscribers are charged on the second of each month for the following month’s bow. (ie, you are charged on March 2nd for your April bow). This date is in place so you have until the first of each month to make changes to the next month’s subscription.

Q: How often do I receive a bow with this subscription?
A: Once a month! Customers receive their monthly bow(s) within the first business week of every month.

Q: How do I sign up for a Wunderkin “Bow of the Month” subscription?
A: Currently we offer our “Bow of the Month” spots to members of our Wunderkin Family Chat + Community. In this private Facebook Wunderkin Insiderwe make announcements whenever we have new availability. As a handmade business, we are limited to the number of subscriptions we can make in a month. We aim to be able to offer our subscription service to the public in the near future.

Q: I canceled my BOTM. When can I sign up again?

A: As we grow our seamstress team we will be able to open more spaces each month. We share sign up availability to our insiders in the Wunderkin Insiders on Facebook when spots open up.

Q: What if I don’t like the bow I receive?
A: We hope everyone loves their surprise bow, but in the case that you don’t, we suggest selling or trading your bow in the BST Group (Buy, Sell, Trade) on Facebook!

Q: Can I return or exchange my bow?
A: We do not accept returns or exchanges for our subscription service.

Q: How much does it cost to have a BOTM subscription
A: Subscription prices are based on the variant of bow(s) in your subscription. BOTM bows are priced the same as our regular retail bows. If you have an Oversized Pinwheel Clip ($18) and a Schoolgirl Headband ($13) in your order, you will be charged $31.00 on the 2nd of each month.

Subscription Edits

Q: Where can I edit my subscription?
A: In your customer portal on the Wunderkin Co website. Login can be found HERE. Just click the Login icon to your customer portal and navigate to ‘Subscriptions’ tab on the left side of the screen. Click the line item that you would like to alter and you will be able to make the following updates to your account: change your shipping address, bow quantity, variant, and cancel your bow.

Q: Can I skip a month of my subscription?
A:  Subscribers are no longer able to skip. If you do not wish to be charged for your renewal the following month you will have to cancel your subscription(s) and re-sign up once space is available.

Q: What happens to my BOTM account when I have no active bow subscriptions?

A: If you cancel all items tied to your subscription by the recharge date of the 2nd of the month, then your BOTM account will be deleted. You will be notified via email that your account has been removed and if you would like to receive a BOTM shipment in the future, you can sign up when there is an opening.

We do this to ensure that everyone who wants to sign up gets a chance to receive their special monthly bow.  

Q: Can I edit the variant of bow I receive in my subscription?
A: Yes, as long as it is NOT the first month in your subscription. Login to your customer portal and navigate to the “change product variant” button next to the bow in your subscription that you would like to edit. These edits must be made by the first day of the month or they will not take effect on your next month’s bow.

Q: Why can’t I edit the bow(s) in the first month of my subscription?
A: Your initial charge is made once the order is created for the purpose of recurring billing further down the subscription. Allowing changes to your first subscription charge could result in you being charged twice before you even receive one bow.

Q: I forgot to cancel last month! I was just charged for my renewal. How can I cancel my order?
A: Oh no!! We are so sorry, but as a handmade business, we rely heavily on the processed orders in our system to purchase correct amounts of fabric and produce correct amounts of bows. If you receive a bow you did not want to receive, we suggest selling the BST (buy, sell, trade) group on Facebook!

Q: Can I add multiple bows to my subscription?
A: Yes! You can change the variants and quantities of variants in your subscription at any time by logging into your customer portal and clicking edit next to each corresponding bow.

Q: If I have multiple bows in my subscription will I receive a different fabric for every bow in my order?

A: Each month will be different. We may have several fabric options one month and month may just be one special fabric. If you’re subscribed with multiples of the same variant, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive different fabrics. We recommend reducing the number of multiple variants to ensure you don’t receive a duplicate.

Q: I’m moving. How do I change my shipping address?
A: Simply log in to your customer portal and click “edit” next to your subscription. You may edit your shipping address here.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
A: Of course! We’re sad to see you go, but we understand. Simply log in to your customer portal located in the top right-hand corner of the page,  select “manage subscriptions,” click “edit” next to your subscription, and scroll down to select “cancel.”

Q: Can I request a specific bow? My daughter really loves pink!
A: Unfortunately, no. Sorry! Our BOTM subscription is a complete surprise!!


Payment and Shipping

Q: I forgot to edit my payment info and my charge was declined. Is my subscription canceled?
A: Not yet! Our system will charge the payment method on file for four business days before canceling your subscription. Update your payment in your customer portal as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out! If your charge is declined for five days in a row, your subscription will be canceled.

Q: Can I get free shipping?

A: BOTM orders do not qualify for free shipping.

Q: How are your BOTM packages shipped? Why do some people seem to receive their bows before me?
A: We ship all subscriptions on the same day.

Q: Can I change my payment method from Credit Card to PayPal?
A: Unfortunately no. In order to protect your payment information, we are unable to switch platforms for your payment. You are welcome to edit your Credit Card information at any time.  

Q: Can I apply discounts to my subscription?
A: Sorry, but discounts are not applicable to our subscription service.


I started making bows at my kitchen table in 2013. I had just become a mom, I wanted to make cute things for my girls. I didn't just want to throw ruffles and glitter at them (not there is anything wrong with glitter!). I wanted to create simple accessories that would be the backdrop for their daily adventures.

More importantly, I wanted the brand to be meaningful, and to encapsulate what motherhood meant to me. My vision is that Wunderkin Co. is synonymous with raising confident, brave and kind kids who boldly grow into the humans they were meant to be.