It's the Mouse Bow 2.0! If you've been following Wunderkin Co for awhile, you might have seen or even own one of our red polka dot "Mouse" bows that we released as part of our Classics collection in 2018. This bow was inspired by "the most magical place on earth," and has since become so popular that we we're now releasing it in pink!!


We are fondly referring to it as the "Mrs. Mouse" bow and hope that, like the "Mouse" bow, joins you on your next magical adventure. 



Thanks to all the mamas who captured their little ones in our new pink "Mrs. Mouse" bows. We love seeing your real life adventures!


"Mrs. Mouse" Medium Pinwheel // Photo by @puffkatty


Mrs. Mouse Oversized Pinwheel // Photo by @b3ckylee



"Mrs. Mouse" Medium Pinwheel // Photo by Laura Gaut


"Mrs. Mouse" Thin Retro Knot // Photo by Jennifer Tapia Photography



"Mrs. Mouse Medium Schoolgirl // Photo by @jenna.anaya 


"Mrs. Mouse Thick Retro Knot // Photo by @kateadelle



"Mrs. Mouse" Mini Pinwheel Pigtail Set // Photo by  @Krisss_tiina


"Mrs. Mouse" Thin Retro Knot and Oversized Schoolgirl // Photo by Jennifer Tapia Photography


"Mrs. Mouse" Oversized Pinwheel // Photo by @thedisneybenches



"Mrs. Mouse" Oversized Pinwheel // Photo by @ces1217


 "Mrs. Mouse" Medium Schoolgirl // Photo by @Misslanamei


  Photo by Jennifer Tapia Photography

Tag @wunderkin_co on Instagram during your next magical adventure. We'd love to see!! 



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