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For as long as we can remember we've been using Misha and Puff's beautiful children's clothing in our Wunderkin photoshoots, so we are incredibly excited to have created a collection of bows that match their new fall and holiday lines!  



 "Cobalt" Oversized Schoolgirl 


Each of these bows is hand-knit and dyed in Peru with 100% merino yarn, the same yarn used in each Misha and Puff's one of a kind pieces. Once knit, these bows were tied and secured by the seamstress team at our new Wunderkin headquarters in Denver.



Available in six oversized schoolgirl styles and four petite schoolgirl pigtail sets, this collection is truly the first of it's kind- at least by Wunderkin standards. These are the first knit bows we've ever produced and they are truly so different than anything else we've ever released.


 "Rose Gold" Oversized Schoolgirl 


 "Spun Gold" Oversized Schoolgirl 


 "Alabaster" Oversized Schoolgirl 


"Rose Gold" Petite Schoolgirl Pigtail Set

"Misha and Puff x Wunderkin Co" Oversized Schoolgirls


"Midnight" Oversized Schoolgirl 


It's such a pleasure to collaborate with creative small shops like Misha and Puff  and we can't thank Anna, the owner and creator of Misha and Puff, for working with us to bring this knit Wunderkin bow to life! We hope you love our newest collaboration and that these heirlooms bows join your free-spirited little on her next adventure! 


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