Social media brought us together, but our Elexis Bronson x Wunderkin Co. capsule stands for so much more. We at Wunderkin Co. were introduced to Instagram influencer Elexis Bronson when her sweet daughter Ellie was tagged in one of our velvet bows last November. Since then we have learned so much more about this mother of three (almost four) and we are honored to have co-created a limited collection of bows releasing April 30th at 10am Mountain Time. Inspired by Elexis' memories and moments with her grandmothers and great grandmothers, we got together with Elexis to talk about how these women shaped her journey through motherhood. 


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 Photos by Becky Kimball


1.) For those of us that don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Elexis! I am a stay at home mom to three littles and one baby girl due this summer. I have two older boys, Bentleigh and Hurleigh, and our youngest is Ellie. We live in gorgeous Utah. I moved here from Minnesota 11 years ago and met my husband not long after! We have been married for almost 9 years now. I have always had a passion for design. My hope after high school was to go to fashion school, but my road took me to other places! We have been buying Wunderkin bows since their Free Babes Handmade days!


2.) What inspired this collection?

When designing this collection I was really inspired by my great grandmothers and grandmothers. My grandmother on my dad’s side is the only one still with us but they all were so influential in my life I really wanted something that I could have and remember them by always. My father and his mother and grandmother migrated here from Trinidad and Tobago so I was really inspired by the colors of Carnival, which is a yearly festival. My maternal grandmother migrated here from Germany so I was really inspired by all the lace she would bring over and the floral country sides I would always hear of. All of my grandmothers had such colorful personality so I feel like marrying the two inspirations together worked so perfectly for this collection. I always wanted these bows to work for every occasion and I really hope that is what these bows become for every little girl.



 "Oma" Ribbon Bow


"Dorothy" Thick Retro Knot and Oversized Schoolgirl 


"Blanche" Oversized Schoolgirl


3.) What is your favorite bow in this collection?
 My favorite bow would probably be the Indie Midi Fable. This pattern is a one of a kind made just for this collection and I knew I wanted to name it after our little girl we are expecting.


"Indie" Midi Fable 


 "Ellie Luka" Oversized Schoolgirl // Bloomer // Top


4.) How would you personally style these bows?

I really feel like these bows will work with so much. My daughter loves to wear dresses so I can see here wearing a really basic linen dress this summer with any of these bows. She’s also a jeans and t-shirts kind of gal so you bet we will be pairing them with that!


"Emma" Medium Schoolgirl  // Tank


5.) What are some essential pieces in your child’s wardrobe?

I am a super simple girl so I feel like that rolls over into my kids. For Ellie I love dresses in the summer. A good chambray dress will go with everything! A white, boho top with denim shorts is also on repeat all summer. I really just like to let them take the reins on what they wear so when I go to a store I will ask her if she likes something or doesn’t and that’s really how we decide what ends up in her closet! There are some amazing shops online that have great basics I love to shop at. Fin and Vince, Jamie Kay, and June and January just to name a few. All those shops have really great basics in solid colors and those are the pieces I gravitate to the most.


"Dorothy" Petite Schoolgirl Pigtail Set 



6.) What is your favorite part about motherhood?

I really feel like motherhood made me into the woman I am today. I never wanted children but when I met my husband I knew we were made to be parents. With each child we have I feel like I come a little more into myself, but I would have to say my favorite part is seeing them together and interacting. My siblings were older than I was so I never had that close sibling bond. It’s amazing to watch each of their relationships flourish and grow every day.


7.) What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

I love love @amylouhawthorne, @samanthabroderick, @stylefitfatty, @porshiahernandez, @missstevimarie, and @goddessakamommy. There are so many but all these women are so inspiring and really true to themselves. 



8.) What three words would you use to describe this collection?  

Colorful, Blume (love), nostalgic


"Emma" Thick Retro Knot 


9.) What guides you in parenting? What are your hopes and dreams for your daughter?
What really guides me in parenting is just knowing that one day these little people will be big people out in the world and I not only want them to love and respect themselves, but to have compassion and kindness for those around them. I want them to know that know matter what happens in life, the good, the bad, the ugly, they always have a loving home to come back to that will listen and be there no matter what. When I found out I was having a daughter I was TERRIFIED! How could I raise a strong and confident woman when I could barely figure that out for myself? Especially now, when social media is so prevalent and comparing yourself to all these amazing women you see daily is definitely something that happens. We didn’t have that when I was growing up but the pressure to be this picture perfect imagine is so high today that kids are really struggling. I just really wanted her to know that no matter what she does or who she becomes, there’s no ceiling that can keep her down or road to far to travel. That’s something that I really took from my grandmothers and great grandmothers.
Sure I may not always have the confidence in myself I need and yeah there may always be someone prettier or smarter or better at something than you are but that’s okay. The one thing you have that they don’t is that you are you and no one can change that. Your gifts are your strength and no matter what anyone says or does, I am always pushing to be the best me. I really just hope she knows that. That she doesn’t have to try and impress anyone, the only opinion of herself that matters is her own.  



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