I love that "kindred" cannot be defined by one person. It is the community working together to better the life of another that has impacted me the most. Kindred, to me, is what it looks like when we rise by lifting others.
-Chelsea Lawrence 
Our K I N D R E D bow is a limited collection we created specifically to honor our amazing community of mothers, women, and children of all ages. We have seen through this crazy Wunderkin journey that our company stands for so much more than just bows. There have been countless stories of friendship and encouragement, as this community has rallied around women battling cancer, infertility, or even just the unavoidable trials and questions we all face when it comes to raising kids.

This new bow (Launching 9/3 10 AM Mountain Time) was designed specifically for each one of you as a token of remembrance for all that this community has created in the past years. Cheers to motherhood, and cheers to kindred moments! Here is just a handful of the stories we thought deserved to be told...

Summer Roadtrips

I met my dear friend through the Wunderkin world several years ago as we both have little girls close in age and a love of Wunderkin bows. As we got to know each other we discovered we had so much in common and Instagram + Facebook messaging soon turned in to texts and phone calls. We grew so close to one another that she invited our whole family to visit hers this past Summer, so we road tripped out to Colorado and we stayed at their log cabin home in beautiful Glenwood Springs and made some of the sweetest memories. Our 5 girls became immediate best friends and when we finally met in person it felt as if I'd know her forever. I TREASURE our friendship and am so thankful that even with hundreds of miles between us, I have a best friend for life and that it all started with bows. -Megan & Crystal 

Park Play Dates 

I met one of my very best friends, randomly at a park. We bonded over our mutual love of Wunderkin and Alice and Ames, but since it was at a park, I figured that would be the last time we saw each other. Fast forward to a few months after and we reconnected through this little bow group! Our friendship has blossomed since then and she has helped me through some really tough personal times, all with her trademark honesty and love. I adore her, her wonderful kids, and how much I have grown since I've met her. Courtney, you’re the best and I'm so glad you and I just randomly met at the park! - Jessica & Courtney

More Than Just Internet Friends 

When Lily was two weeks old, my husband left home to take care of some personal things, and I was left to take care of my son and colic newborn baby alone. It was then that I found Wunderkin and became immersed in the community. It was a breath of fresh air for me and a much-needed way for me to feel connected and have a little fun admits the stressful, and exhausting, situation I was in. It was my little "break" to have space to quickly go for myself. I was able to confide in them in ways I wasn't with my "irl" friends. We've met up in person and all dream of the day we can live in the same cul-de-sac. We laugh together, cry together (mostly over our shared poisonous insect problems), shop (a lot) together... support and encourage each other (and take turns complaining too). We talk about our deep-rooted beliefs in religion all the way down to potty training. I admire them so much and am grateful they put up with me! My husband makes fun of my internet friends but they are so much more than that to me. They are the wisest, kindest, funniest humans I know. They are the epitome of who I want to be. I'll forever be grateful to Wunderkin for providing a space to bring women together to share in life, and helping me met two lifelong friends! -Whitney 

Bow Inspiration

I met Carissa in Missouri 2 years ago because our husbands go to the same school. She was always so sweet and kind when I saw her at church or the park. Her daughter always wore the cutest bows and of course they were all from Wunderkin! Carissa let me borrow her bows to try on my little girl to see the quality and the style that fit best. She got me hooked and I'm so glad. I'm so grateful for our friendship and this great group. Everyone has been so kind and I love all the shared advice.  - Katee & Carissa

Long Lost College Friends 

This group brought me back to a sweet friend after almost ten years! Emily was my best friend’s college roommate. They went to school across the country from me so when I went to visit I always got to spend time with Emily and just loved her and her then-boyfriend (now hubby!) We even did a birthday trip to Vegas once! But as life goes, we graduated and fell apart from the distance. Last year Emily invited me to join the Wunderkin mom's group (after asking her ALL the time “where did you get that gorgeous bow for your babe!”). I was pregnant with my second daughter and this group couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The community of supportive mommas during a cold, lonely winter maternity leave was a life saver. I am so grateful this group brought me back to sweet Emily with our five bow loving girls between the two of us! - Sarah

A Mutual Love of Plaid

I always swooned over Whitnie's photos of her girls. And honestly cannot remember how we initially started chatting, but I’m sure it was over plaids. Because all good friendships start with plaids right? Anyways she’s my bow opposite (other than plaids of course). Her strong love of earth tones, and my passion for jewel tones. But one thing we have in common is our bond over motherhood, and of course, plaid. Wunderkin has never been about the bows. It's always been the community and friendships.-Laura

Snail Mail and Motherhood 

Wunderkin sparked such a sweet friendship in someone I already knew. Our husbands went to high school together. But through our love of small shops, design, and bows, we’ve grown so close over the past couple of years. Kelsey has quickly become one of my closest friends and confidants. She has been such a sweet encouragement to me through my miscarriages and loss and lifted me up through motherhood. We share a mutual love of snail mail and have kept it alive all the way from the Virgin Islands to Denver. It’s the BEST. Secretly hoping this rainbow baby on the way is a girl so we can continue to gawk over all things bows and rainbows. - Jessie

Shoulders to Cry On

I met Sam through Wunderkin. She has been there for me through some tough times giving me advice about life. I cannot thank her enough for being a shoulder to cry on even if we are miles away from each other. She has been there each step of the way to hopefully a better tomorrow. - Vivian

Library Spottings

My husband and I moved to Georgia from Florida right before we had our first daughter almost 3 years ago. That first year with a newborn in a different state was not easy, I felt so isolated and it felt impossible to make other mom friends. I would meet people but it never clicked- a lot of good mom acquaintances but no one I really felt a big connection with. When Margo was around 17 mo I had just had another baby and decided to go on a one on one date with my oldest to our local library storytime. When we walked in I literally spotted the little girl wearing a Wunderkin bow from across the room. I was so excited because I had NEVER known anyone in real life who got the bow mom thing haha. I asked the mom where her bow was from and she said: “oh it’s a Wunderkin.” From then on we were the fastest friends (our girls are 2mo apart and we live 10min away). It was a huge answer to prayer in my life and I’m so thankful for Wunderkin and this friendship it helped create! - Claire and Mary

From Teacher to Best Friend

I met Laura when I became her daughter's teacher when she was only a bald baby. Her daughter Ellery and I were quick friends, and my friendship with Laura followed shortly after. After struggling to conceive due to a medical issue I got pregnant through IVF and found out I was having a girl. I was born (so I thought) to be a boy mom and Laura became my voice of reason when we found out we were having a girl. Two and a half years later we are having another girl and have become completely immersed in the bow world and the friendships we have formed in it. Yes, Laura and I may have bonded over bows but our friendship became so much more than that. I’m the first in my family and the first of my friends to have kids and let’s face it, half the time have no clue what I’m doing. At quite literally any hour of the night I text Laura all kinds of ridiculous questions about parenting, or marriage, or work. I also text her (also at all hours of the night) about every single bow I buy. I was lucky enough to end up teaching two of her kids, and although I no longer am their teacher, I love getting to carry on in their lives through this little friendship we made. -Celina

Through all of Life's Seasons

I didn’t meet her through Wunderkin but she did introduce me to Wunderkin. We’ve gone through many life stages together - students, single young adults, newlyweds, and now mothers. What an amazing journey it’s been with you, Annabelle, and I don’t expect it to end any time soon. Our dads are even friends! -Connie and Anna

We love hearing about your Kindred moments in this wild bow community! Tag us on Instagram and add #wunderkindredmoments so that we can continue to use the internet to spread light and encouragement. 
Wunderkin Co. 

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