Bows come first of course, but Wunderkin is dedicated to providing it's amazing customers with a one-stop shop experience for ALL accessory needs! We love incorporating new curated selections of products from brands we love, and with that, we introduce you to Young Soles shoes! 


"Dottie T-Bar // Baby Blue" - Photo by Rosemary Elder


"Young soles" is a luxury children’s footwear brand that blends retro-cool with classic British heritage styles. Each pair is designed in East London and made in Europe using the highest quality materials. Out favorite thing about them is that they are truly built to last! Perfect for an adventurous free spirit like yours,


"Pearl Sandal // Yellow" - Photo by Caroline Craddock



"Pear Sandal in Vanilla,  Nude Pink, and Yellow" 



"Rosie T-Bar // Mustard" and "Rose Gold"



"Rosie T-Bar // Rose Gold and "Mustard" 


"June Mary Jane // Vanilla" - Photo by Rosemary Elder


"June Mary Jane // Gold" and "Vanilla"


"Dottie T-Bar // Baby Blue" - Photo by Rosemary Elder


"Dottie T-Bar // Pea Green" and "Baby Blue"

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