We are so excited to be introducing our newest bow, the Tea Bow. Inspired by Victorian-era fanciness and for those finer moments of childhood, we hope this new style is a sophisticated spin on the adventurous Wunderkin classics we love.


Photos by Anna Boardman 





Before now we'd never truly created an adult bow for Wunderkin. If you follow along with our awesome Wunderkin community, you might have seen mamas rocking a velvet oversized schoolgirl or a classic sailor bow, but our Tea Bow collection is the first to include a bow created with both littles and their mamas in mind. 


"Antique Pink" Tea Bow // "Daffodil" Tea Bow


"Thyme" Tea Bow


Dress // "Posy" Tea Bow  // "Bonnet" Tea Bow 


 Dress // Bow


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