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It really is the most wonderful time of the year, so we think it deserves a capsule collection of plaid bows and bow ties all its own. Designed with your little's upcoming holiday adventures in mind, this collection features eight festive holiday plaids available in our our classic hair bow line up along with five matching bow ties for your equally free-spirited boys. 

For this holiday capsule we headed to a local tree farm in Denver to capture an adorable group of littles among a quintessential Christmas back drop. This classic shoot, shot by Amy Lacy Photography, reminded us of just how magical the holiday are for our kids. Santa is real, Christmas lists must be made, trees should be twinkling, and the countdown must surely begin. While raising kids isn't always "calm and bright," we hope these bows and bow ties are a welcomed addition to your memory-making this holiday season. 


"Red Lumberjack" Bow Tie and "Christmas" Mini Pinwheel Pigtail Set 


"Flannel" Oversized Schoolgirl and "Buffalo" Pinwheel // Olive Corduroy Romper from Mabo



One of my favorite parts about preparing for a new collection is styling our photoshoots. Each one gives me the wonderful opportunity to work with small business owners and companies I admire to bring our love of childhood wunderment to life. This collection featured select pieces from Mabo Kids, Soor Ploom, Peek Kids, Janie and Jack, Misha and Puff, and Mikoleon, details for which you can find in the links below each image. 


"Mistletoe" Bow Tie // Shirt and Pants from Peek Kids


(Top to Bottom) "Christmas," "Joy," "Red Lumberjack," "Merry," and "Mistletoe" Bow Ties  


"Christmas" Schoolgirl Pigtail Set // Coat from Janie and Jack 


"Merry" Bow Tie and "Mistletoe" Oversized Schoolgirl // "Red Lumberjack" Bow Tie and Schoolgirl Pigtail Set (Left pic) Shirt and pants from Peek Kids. Popcorn sweater from Misha and Puff. Dress from Soor Ploom. (Right Pic) Shirt from Baby Gap, Boots from Mikoleon. Coat from Janie and Jack.


"Joy" Pinwheel and "Mistletoe" Oversized Schoolgirl // Corduroy romper from Mabo Kids, popcorn sweaters from Misha and Puff, Dress from Soor Ploom. 


(Top Down, Left to Right) "Carol," "Holiday," "Christmas," "Joy," "Merry," and "Mistletoe" Pinwheel Bows  


"Merry" and "Carol" Pinwheel Bows // Corduroy romper from Mabo Kids, popcorn sweaters from Misha and Puff, Dress from Soor Ploom. 


"Red Lumberjack" Pigtail Set // Coat from Janie and Jack 
"Mistletoe" and "Joy" Bow Ties // Cream shirt from Peek Kids. Denim shirt from Baby Gap. 
"Joy" Oversized Schoolgirl and "Christmas" Pinwheel Bow //  Corduroy romper from Mabo Kids, popcorn sweaters from Misha and Puff, Dress from Soor Ploom. 



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