Our Classic collection is all about those everyday moments. Whether going on a Trader Joes run, reading bedtime stories, or hanging around the house we see these bows as outfit essentials. 

Each fabric was thoughtfully chosen to be a staple. Perfect for new and old customers alike. And just like any other Wunderkin product, we believe that our bows are so much more than just an accessory.

Wunderkin strives to curate connection through each product we create. Connection between Mama's and little ones, and connection between all types of Mama's across the globe.

At the core each and every Mama asks the same questions, completes the same thankless tasks, and deep down cherishes the most mundane moments. To celebrate our newest Classic Collection we teamed up with some of our loyal Wunderkin Mama's for a Q & A to celebrate finding extraordinary moments in the ordinary. 

“To romanticize the world is to make us aware of the magic, mystery and wonder of the world; it is to educate the senses to see the ordinary as extraordinary, the familiar as strange, the mundane as sacred, the finite as infinite.” 
― Novalis



What is your go-to bedtime routine?

In the Summer, our bedtime routine is the best.  Dessert (always outside).  Then a long walk or bike ride.  The pool counts as a bath in the summer, right?  So we sometimes skip that part of the routine! Then, when the sun goes down, the kids come inside for stories and bedtime.  By the end of a long summer day, they essentially put themselves to sleep!  In the school year, we try to keep to a pretty strict schedule! Which means there is a lot of grumbling as we eat an early dessert (inside), take baths (in the tub), then turn off the lights (early).

Go-to lunch to pack?

Nutella + Strawberry + Banana wraps, apples, cheese crackers, and a cookie for dessert. (and I know for a fact, they eat the dessert first!)

If your little one is having an off-day do you guys have a special ritual to re-center?

When we have an off-day, to re-center we head to the beach.  Lake Erie is at the end of our street and we love to sit and watch the waves, throw rocks into the water or take in a sunset.  If it's too cold (which is often the case in Ohio) we turn up some music and dance it out in the kitchen!


Go-to lunch to pack?

Charcuterie for kids. It may include berries, cheese, crackers, olives, hummus and/yogurt, vegetables (cucumbers, peppers, carrots, snap peas), variations of meat or mini meatballs, seaweed snacks. My girls love options and this is an easy way to accomplish serving a rainbow of foods. 

If your little one is having an off-day do you guys have a special ritual to re-center?

The beach. It calms them, allows them to process and express any emotions, and tires them out. 

How do you best balance time and relationship between multiple children?

My husband and I rotate having one on one dates and encourage their individual interests. 


Go-to lunch to pack?

Fruits, veggies, and yogurt! My daughter loves any kind of fruit especially berries and bananas, will always eat sweet potatoes and yogurt is her favorite!  If it’s too warm outside then I’ll pack a cold pack in a small lunch bag to help keep things cool and bring some fruit bars or crackers as well. 

If your little one is having an off-day do you guys have a special ritual to re-center?

I just take a moment to give her some one-on-one attention. Taking a moment to give her my full undivided attention will usually calm her. I usually follow that up with some sort of activity to keep her attention if I’m needing to get back to finishing up a task. I also asses if a nap or meal/ snack is needed and that helps as well. 

Do you have any tips for planning outfits each season as your kids grow so quickly!

My best tip for planning for outfits for my growing toddler is to shop off-season! I stock up for the next year’s season at the end of the current year’s season! It’s the best way to shop top brands at a great deal and get a great wardrobe started for the next size and year ahead. 


Go-to lunch to pack?

Our go-to lunch is a hodgepodge of anything we have in the pantry/fridge. My daughter loves to put together all the random things she can find. My go-to items are Turkey slices, whole wheat tortillas string cheese, salad mix and hopefully, I can find a packet of mayo so she can create her own wrap! Next, I throw in easy to grab fruits and veggies like carrots and blueberries. I try to make it quick because getting out the door can be a struggle!

If your little one is having an off-day do you guys have a special ritual to re-center?

I notice that reading stories with my daughter connects with really helping to ground her. Currently one of her favorite books is one about a ballerina who is taller than all the other dancers and how she overcomes feeling bad about being different. It’s easier to talk through things when she has connections to other people or characters that also have ups and downs. 

How do you best balance time and relationship between multiple children?

I still need help with this! It’s hard because my youngest is a baby and requires so much attention. I try hard to make sure my oldest understands that even though she’s more independent her needs are just as pressing. That sometimes means  I may not react as quickly when my ten-month-old is throwing a random fit in the middle of a conversation with my oldest daughter. Or, I take my oldest to run errands with me and tell her she’s going because she’s super helpful. Additionally, I ask her to help me with caring for her baby sister, so that we are all in it together. 


..... + a few more genius Mom ideas to come! DM us your famous mom hacks for a chance to be featured! 

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