(Photos by Gather in Kin.  All clothing by Daughter Co.)

I was immediately drawn to @daughter.co's classic aesthetic. It's creator, Ainslie, is such a sweet and genuine woman, and her talent lies in clean and simple lines of pieces that serve as the background for daily adventures. This collaboration has been so fun, and I hope you pick up a timeless piece to create new memories this summer.

We had the opportunity to speak Ainslie about the collection and motherhood to give you a behind the scenes look at how this collection came together. 


What Inspired the Collection? 

The Daughter Golden Hour collection is inspired by the sweet and heavy feeling of the last days of the summer. The pieces are timeless, the palette is neutral and clean and each piece is designed for adventuring. As a brand our philosophy is buy less, choose well. All of our pieces are designed to become hand me downs. Our designs are thoughtfully considered to transcend generations and become family heirlooms in every sense of the word.



What is Your Favorite Bow in the Collection? 

Anything in the wheat gingham is my favorite at the moment.

How Would You Personally Style these Bows?

Paired with our Dusk overalls leather sandals, the bows bring a sense of beauty and calm to the wild unkempt locks of my daughters hair.



What are a few essential pieces in your kids' wardrobe? 

We are of the belief that more is not more and the girls wardrobe consists of a few key, versatile pieces year round. The Daughter Dusk overalls, Field dress, Inca romper are their favorites and we pair these with their saltwater sandals in the summer and socks and boots in the winter.



What adventures do you love to take your kids on? 

We are lucky enough to live in the stunning hinterland of Byron Bay where kids are raised on the land and the sea with an appreciation for the natural environment and an awareness of the importance of sustainability. The climate is warm and year round we spend most days outdoors. We have many beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes in the area and if not there we will be found at the beach, collecting shells, hunting crabs and splashing in the waves.



What projects or adventures are you looking forward to this year? 

A beautiful new collection which will introduce some new products to our range and of course more time spent outdoors adventuring with my tribe.


What three words would you use to describe this collection? 

Natural, ethical, timeless



Do have a certain color palette you prefer to work in? 

We always stick to neutral muted tones in our collection. White linen is always heavily featured in our collections as it reflects the innocence of childhood and lends itself perfectly to our hot Australian climate.




What is your favorite part about motherhood?  

The purest love you will ever know.



Shop matching heirloom dresses and rompers on the  Daughter Co website here.

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