Our newest Free Babes collection was created in collaboration with Courtney Cooper, a wonderful mommy blogger out of Atlanta. Her classic taste led us to create five new styles of Free Babes bows that are perfect for your free spirit's everyday adventures. Read a bit more about what inspired Courtney's creations. 

"My daughter, Bailey, was my inspiration for this collection. When thinking of what fabrics and prints I wanted to use, I imagined a little girl skipping the sidewalks in a quaint old town decades ago. I tend to choose pieces for her that are simple and timeless. One that can be passed down and will stand the test of time. I'm a lover of vintage prints and styles. I love for her to be comfortable and cute, all while still being able to be a kid. So in this collection, you will find pieces that are versatile and classic. The perfect accessory for every day and one that you always reach for."

Shop the new collection.

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