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// Bundle Code for Multiple Pinwheel Bows

Please note: Do not purchase this listing.  Please kindly take note of the the proper combo code below and enter it at checkout.  

If you would like more than one PINWHEEL bow (regular sized), here are the combo discount codes available for you at checkout:

These codes are for multiple orders of PINWHEEL bows only. Please do not use these for multiple orders of other styles of bows offered in the shop. 


Any 3 pinwheel bows: 3PINWHEELS17 - $8.75 off. 
Any 4 pinwheel bows : 4PINWHEELS17 - $11.72 off.
Any 5 pinwheel bows: 5PINWHEELS17 - $14.69 off.

etc. (keep swapping quantity number)

*You may only use one bundle code per transaction*etc. (keep swapping quantity number)