Our Latest FAQ's - Wunderkin Co.

Our Latest FAQ's

In light of our most recent update, as well as the current events in the world, we will be keeping this page updated with all relevant answers to your questions!


Will there be shipping delays due to COVID-19?

With the current precautions in place to protect the health of our community it is highly likely that our fulfillment team as well as UPS and USPS will have limited hours to encourage social distancing. Packages may take much longer to arrive as our biggest concern is keeping families healthy and safe. We trust that you will be patient during this hectic time as we will do everything in our power to deliver on our promises in a timely fashion.

Will my leopard preorder ship?

All pre-ordered bows will still be going out within the delivery window.

Will there be any other bow launches this year?

Our Easter capsule will launch March 24, and will include a preorder for the custom floral we had developed.  We will also be doing a final “Liberty Favorites” capsule to end the month. Over the remaining portion of 2020, we will keep our “Flocked of the Month” subscription, and will also be releasing a few bow capsules, including a custom fruit collection in May, a Fourth of July Americana collection in June, and a Halloween collection in September.

Will there be more spots to sign up for the Flocked of the Month subscription?

We will have a small amount of openings for the program each month, as we reach capacity.

Will clips and sunglasses be available? 

The volume of clips and sunglasses will increase.  We are excited to keep releasing new colors and designs and hope you will follow along!

Will you be hosting a sale?

YES!  This week, we are doing a final $5 bow sale, and swaddles and remaining sweatshirts will also be on sale.  Stay tuned on social media and on our newsletter list!

How do I join your newsletter?

You can follow along here!

Will I still be able to return Wunderkin Co. product?

Yes!  Our normal 60 day return policy is intact, and will remain a vital part of our customer service policy moving forward. You can find more info on returns and exchanges here.

What do I do with my bows that need to be re-tied?

We are now accepting re-ties.  Click here to read about our guarantee