It’s true what they say: “the older you get, the faster time flies.”



So many times when I’m with my kids, I snap photos out of a desperate plea to catch and freeze the moments, begging time to stop. Yet sometimes I think social media and technology is speeding everything up.  I’m worried in an effort to capture everything, I’m missing some of the raw, honest moments with my children.  Moments that I frequently shared with my parents growing up. Can you even imagine… our parents didn’t have cell phones. We were originally going to design and shoot this summer collection at Joshua Tree in California, which is epically gorgeous, and totally Pinterest-worthy. But I had a craving to return a bit to our roots, and design something that reminded me a bit of everyday. A time when the backdrop mattered less than the good souls with which you spent long days. 

 Download the "Summer Look Book"

"Summers in Indiana are unbelievably hot and humid, yet it never stopped us from long bike rides, exploring the woods, jumping endlessly on trampolines with rusted springs, building tree-houses, picking blackberries and chasing fireflies into the night."



I recently visited my family when I was shooting this collection, and the night after we photographed summer, I spent it outdoors without my phone, watching my kids and their cousin jump their hearts out on the trampoline as darkness crept in. When it was bedtime, I let my middle gal sneak into bed with me, and we used a light to do shadow puppets on the ceiling.  Listening to her giggles, I realized these are the moments this collection is about: the totally unplugged, exhausted from a day filled with connection and joy.









I hope you love this collection and all that it symbolizes.  But more importantly, I hope you create lasting memories this summer with your little ones, even if it means you forget your phone and don’t capture the moments online in their bows.  Capture them in your hearts. :)


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